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COVID-19: Here are some foodstuff to buy to stock your home

As Ghana records 68 cases and 2 deaths of coronavirus, many scholars, economists, health experts, Trades Union Congress among others have called on government to order a lockdown on the country.

When the country is in full lockdown, it means that people must stay in their homes in a bid to protect themselves from contracting the coronavirus as government, on the other hand, looks for various pragmatic measures to bring the situation under control.

Although President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo hasn’t yet ordered a lockdown of the country, people over the weekend rushed to the market to get some items to feed on before the case escalates.

If you are yet to go shopping, here are some commodities to purchase to stock your homes.


Every home during this era has to buy gari, one of the non-perishable goods on the market. Getting yourself at least five ‘olonka’, measured in the biggest tin of canned tomatoes, will keep you for long.

With this commodity, you can use it for 3ba, soakings, gari fotor.

Though the price for this commodity has shot up from GH ¢7 to about GH¢15 and more for one olonka, you can still purchase yours traders run out of stock.


This product can serve as an accompaniment to some foods such as gari soakings, rice porridge, tom brown, and other beverages.


Stocking your homes with kilos of rice will also lessen the pressure on families at home. Here, you can use it for rice puddings, jollof rice, omotuo among other foods.

Corn and cassava dough

This product, popularly known in Ghanaian local parlance as ‘mori and bankye mori’ if well preserved can last you for about a month or two.

Getting yourselves these products can make you a pot porridge using the corn dough, while with a mixture of the two, get banku which can feed an entire family.


With this, one can prepare beans stew and store in a fridge as well as get plantain and serve as ‘red red’.

So far, it is averred that these are one of the less expensive products on the market that can equally feed a lot of people.

Heap of Various Legumes with wooden spoon

Other food items you can stock your home with include tea bags, oil, canned foods, biscuits, among others. However, you should be mindful of the expiry date before making a purchase.

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