Clemento Suarez inducts comedians into ‘his hall of fame’ check out who made the list

Ghanaian comedy sensation Clemento Saurez has conferred legendary status on some pioneers in Ghana’s budding comedy scene.

Speaking in an interview with colleague comedian and host of ‘The Late Nite Celebrity Show’ Foster Romanus on e.TV Ghana, he said: ‘’I think Santo of blessed memory is an all-time great when it comes to comedy, what Santo does cannot be taught in school it’s raw talent. I love him for spontaneity in his acting and comedy’’ he gushed.

He also narrated how Agya Koo has inspired every single comedian in Ghana, an assertion that Foster Romanus host of the ‘Late Nite Celebrity Show’ seconded.

‘’Agya Koo movies started during my school days at the University of Ghana, Legon. Every comedian in Ghana has learned something from Agya Koo, Lil Win, myself, and everyone in comedy today, and those who are yet to come will learn a thing or two from legendary Aga Koo’’ he stated.

He also said though one might go to school to study comedy, which forms part of theatre arts, what makes a comedian is a talent.‘’You only go to school to learn comedy to fine-tune yourself but the humor you are born with. You can also choose to understudy someone and learn their style, but if you don’t have the talent it will always look forced, it won’t be natural’’ he said.

Clemento Suarez who wants to play the Late President Atta Mills as a character shared his favourite role in the thirty (30) plus play he has starred in. ‘’I don’t have the best role I have played, it is when the show ends and we do our curtain call and I see the audience reactions that I feel proud. However, I have a favourite role, that is when I played the ‘lone stranger’ which we staged on Legon campus’ he stated.

He also has dreams of adapting movies like ‘The Lion King’, ‘Spiderman’ into stage plays ‘’I want a stage adaptation of the Lion King so that I can play Rafiki the baboon and even the spiderman. These adaptations of movies are very possible we just don’t have the facilities’’ he said.

The comedian also gets inspiration from Jackie Chan for his humility and humanitarian work and picks some ideas from Bill Cosby.

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