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COVID-19: Keta Pastor Defies Ban; Holds Service With Over 300 Members

Despite the ban on social gatherings and congregations by President Akufo-Addo in the wake of coronavirus, the Anyako Kpota branch of the Apostle Revelation Society went ahead to hold church service on Sunday and announced that they have found a cure for the virus.

When a team of journalists visited the place on Sunday, the church led by Prophet Edwin Selasi Wogbloexo Wovenu was visibly crowded with over 300 congregants.

According to the believers, though they are aware of the ban, they find the church as the best place to be in these hard times.

They told reporters that, the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak is part of some 36 diseases that had been prophesied and written by the founder of the Church, the late Rev. C.K.N Wovenu before he passed on many years ago.

The prophecy, according to congregants, was revealed to them in December 2019 by the current leader, Prophet Edwin Selasi Wogbloexo Wovenu, while a herbal medicine was prescribed and prepared for church members against the outbreak.

At the Church grounds, gallons of what is believed to contain the Covid-19 herbal medicine was shared to the joyous congregants.

In an interview with the Prophet, he emphasised the need for government to lift the ban on places of worship to allow them to close contact with God in order to find a possible solution to the pandemic.

“In this situation, it is wrong for Nana Addo to place a ban on churches. I think this is rather the time for us to have a close contact with God and ask him to grant us the healing mercy,” he said.

He added that, “the coronavirus outbreak has been prophesied many years ago, by my grandfather, the founder of the ARS Church, the late Wovenu I, whom I have replaced. This is just one of the 36 diseases he spoke about that would strike the world in 2020, there are many worse diseases to come and the way forward now is to pray for God’s intervention.”

On the herbal medicine, Prophet Wogbloexo said, “Since the revelation in December, the medicine has been prepared and shared to the church members who travel from distances every 15days. It is a medicine against coronavirus and we believe strongly that we are protected enough, that disease can not attack us; take it and let other countries like China, Italy and Germany have it and see whether it works or not,” he told journalists.

Father of boxer Isaac Dogbey -Paul Dogbey, who is also a member of the congregation said he believes in the prophecy and had returned to Ghana some few weeks ago to take part in the spiritual healing.

He revealed that the medicine has since been taken to the US by his son to be shared to his siblings as a form of protection against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Upon the advice of the police deployed to the grounds by the Abor District Police Command, Prophet Wogbloexo closed the congregation, while he entreated congregants to keep faith in God and use the herbal medicine.

The police implored the leadership of the church to ensure maximum adherence to the President’s directive, since they would not allow any form of insubordination by any individual or group of people in the face of the global pandemic.

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