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“Our Men Are Fvcking Us Too Much” – Ghanaian Women Plead With Nana Addo To End Lockdown

Some angry Ghanaian women are pleading with President Akufo-Addo to end the lockdown issued to halt the spread of Coronavirus with immediate effect.

In a video circulating on social media, a woman was seen begging the president on behalf of all Ghanaian women to lift the lockdown.

According to her, they are tired already as a result of the constant demand for s3x by their partners from dawn to dusk and again. Men have taken advantage of the lockdown.

You wake up in the morning the an erected pen!s is waiting for you. They chop you finish then you prepare food for them to eat. Then they go on social media or watch TV. A few minutes later then they want to chop you again. It is too much. We didn’t quarantine or locked down because of d!ick. We are at home because of the Coronavirus. We are tired.

she said

She goes on to beg the president to lift the lockdown else they’ll run from their homes.


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