The Garden: Be careful who you sex

Sex is one of the most misinterpreted activities. While some try to classify it as merely a physical activity, others are wise enough to acknowledge that sex is also spiritual and mental.

In fact, sex is one of the few activities that demand the participation of the entire Human being. Remember that a Human being is a spirit, who lives in a body and has a soul. Therefore when a Human being engages in sex, they apply their spirit, body and soul whether they are conscious of it or not.

Sex serves several of life’s basic purposes: from procreation, pleasure, stress reduction, and formation of our identity to our intimate connection. It is therefore very vital for us to be picky about whom we choose to have sex with. Some people argue that it’s just sex! There’s no such thing, don’t fall for that horny trap. It is never just sex, whether you’re in your feels or not an exchange always takes place.

For instance for women, our wombs store up energies very well and that energy manifests into sicknesses/diseases or simply just bad vibes. On the other hand, when you sex beautiful energy it’ll tell right from your face, your immunity and your state of being in general and yes even your finances. With men too -although they have no wombs-are susceptible to collecting energy from their sexual partners too. They are even more likely to be “carriers” because they “release” into the womb in the first place and this needs to be done responsibly.

Imagine dropping parts of yourself carelessly into any container? Likewise imagine allowing any horse to come and release into you? Many of us walk about with all sorts of “personalities” stored up in our wombs. We have inherited people’s traumas, battles and souls. Hence I recommend “cleansing” of womb or detoxing as part of treatment in your journey towards healing. It is true that the womb is sensitive to energy in general, however, a large percentage of it is acquired through sex and other emotional connections. So please be careful who you sex.

Sex is much more than physical and concerning procreation. It is important to recognize and identify the breath of sexuality so that you can avoid unnecessary obstacles in life. There are various womb therapies available ranging from massages, detox baths, steaming and counselling. It will do you good to get acquainted to these and once in a while, depending on your sexual history, sort yourself out. Not only will you be helping yourself, but you’ll also be doing your next sexual partner a favour. They’ll be coming to meet a healed person with great energy and this could only manifest into lots of glowing, good health and prosperity.

So, yes catch your fun and have lots of sex but please be careful who you sex with. Happy cummings!


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