God Of Ga Adangbe Music to drop another banger

Most are blessed with circumstances . others are blessed by choice to hear a child’s calling before he has a voice. so much hope and promise. A dream I had to share and this are the words of Sakum) Bi the God Of Ga Adangbe Music (GOGAM) who has been seen as the next to replace acts like Adotey Tetor and Adane Best in the Ga Adangbe Music fratenity . Last year after winning The Musical challenge for Miss Tema Homowo where his song became the official theme song for the pageantry.
He has been on major stages like Miss Homofest , Osu Abolo Festival and also performed on almost all platforms that is linked to Ga Adangbe. He has a new one titled J))m) produced by Too Bad Rekords from the management Born WordsMith . 99% cooked and ready to be released . He is the new face of GA Adangbe music

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